Tate’s Hell, the Legend, Tate’s Hell, the Place

Dwarf Cypress Forest in Tate's Hell. Credit: Florida Forest Service

Dwarf Cypress Forest in Tate's Hell. Credit: Florida Forest Service

This exhibit explores the intriguing legend of Tate’s Hell and uncovers the misadventures of Cebe Tate, and the fascinating origins behind the name of Tate's Hell State Forest. This exhibit offers a captivating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, featuring the wildlife and landscape photography of local photographers John Spohrer and Jon Johnson.

The exhibit also showcases cultural treasures such as the iconic Florida Folk song, "The Ballad of Tate’s Hell" by Will McLean, performed by the talented Frank Lindamood. Visitors can also enjoy the 1983 short film, “A Tale of Tate’s Hell,” produced by the FSU Department of Communications, offering a unique interpretation of the Tate’s Hell legend.

Additionally, the exhibit includes intriguing artifacts like a skull from a 10 to 11-foot male alligator, presented in European style with dried skin intact, and a skull from a Crucifix fish, also known as a hardhead catfish. This diverse collection provides an engaging exploration of the natural and cultural history of Tate’s Hell.

"In the folk region, people are wedded to the land, and the land holds memories. The people themselves possess identity and ancestry, through continuous occupation of the same soil. Local events can flower into legend and ballad and proverb, and village ways can harden into custom."
---Richard M. Corson in American Folklore

Sponsored by C-Quarters Marina and Shaun Donahoe Realty. Funding in part by the Franklin County Tourist Development Council.

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